Bylle Baringer – Germany

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Bylle, where were you born?
I was born in “Landsberg am Lech”, 60 km south/west of Munich, Germany.

Do you come from a musical family?
No, not at all. Nobody in my family has anything to do with music except my father, singing in the church ;O). As a teenager I loved listening to “hard rock” music and now I groove as well on R´n´B and soul. After school I wanted to study art because I loved drawing. But money had to be made, so I had to start an apprenticeship in an office.

What was your very first stage appearance?
I started with over 20 learning my instruments. And I became fanatic. Even my passion for motorcycling faded! Believe it or not, one year later I had my first gigs! I played bass and acoustic guitar in a duet, doing background music for actors who read poems on stage for a live audience. Later on I played with a few rock cover-bands and enlarged my experience as a bassist. My professional career began with the well-known Munich girlsband “Electric Ladyland”. They asked me to join them and that was really the start of real band-feeling. We had a lot of live-concerts and we performed many times on TV. We worked intensively together by composing our own songs. We produced the CD “112 beats”. It was a really great time for me.

Which bassist do you most admire?
I loved to see TM Stevens on stage, I’m impressed by Flea with his freaky way, Marcus Miller, Stanley Clarke and Piotr Cichewicz.

Tell us about your instruments/amp/gear?
Since 3 years I use Status Series II, headless, from the 80s. I like this bass guitar because of its clear big sound and it has a superb action one of the best I have come across. I started playing with a Warwick Dolphin II and I would not give it away, because it’s also very special.
My bass amp is an Mark Bass Little Mark II, cabinets are 2×10 and 1×15, also of Mark Bass.

. . . and your current musical projects?
Currently I’m playing in three bands: The ladies rock-band Wildcats with international musicians, Gaslight, (rock & blues trio) and my exciting new project Daisy Ultra. This is the kind of band I always wanted to be a part of, four powerful women, who have love for music, a talent for their instrument and know how to tear up a stage (tour: 2009)!

Apart from Electric Ladyland, what other bands have you played with?
The last 2 years I was a member of Mickey Monroe Band (rock-singer & songwriter), played with Dena & Band, which was a collective project with German lyrics. I was part of projects like the Grand Prix Eurovision 2007 in Bulgaria with Tedi Katzarova and I’m constantly playing with different rock, RnB and soulbands.

What are your hobbies outside music?
I love art, nature, reading and travelling. I also have a talent for computers and make professional web-design for businesses.

Have you performed outside Germany and Bulgaria?
Yes, around Europe like Austria and Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium and Italia.

What is your latest CD/album?
Bavaria’s thrilling Gaslight – first Gaslight CD – “Gaslight Road No I” 2008. Dena & Band debut album “Lebe deinen Traum“ (Live Your Dreams) 2006 and Electric Ladyland’s album “112 Beats” in 2004.

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